Corporate Social Responsibilty (CSR)

Maple Renaissance LLP is committed to corporate social responsibility, particularly in the communities in which it works and takes up a range of opportunities to engage with local people and charitable causes.

Corporate Social Responsibility isn't simply about money; it's about sharing skills and expertise, spreading the site safety and environmental awareness messages, and companies doing their bit when it comes to supporting local charities.

It needn't cost the earth and can be worth its weight in terms of community relations and staff morale. This might not be easy to quantify but, conversely, an unhappy and demotivated workforce is easy to identify and will have an adverse effect on any business. Maple Renaissance undertakes regular Corporate Social Responsibility and charity work.

We are planning to Visit Schools:

Maple team is looking forward to develop a health and safety Corporate Social Responsibility programme to help and raise site safety awareness among the younger generation. The programme shall work in conjunction with local schools and encourages youngsters to think cleverly and stay away from building sites, especially during the holidays. Our team who are keen to participate is incredibly enthusiastic and waiting to interact with the children to toss on their knowledge. Many have already said that taking part in the school visits creates a huge sense of added job satisfaction.