The Maple Renaissance Founder's Team

Maple Renaissance was founded by Mr R Ravi and Shravan. These partners founded the company with the belief that the value of a relationship is worth more than a number on a piece of paper. Since the beginning, Maple Renaissance and its employees have become well known for their honesty, integrity and quality in the industry. With a large following of satisfied building owners, Maple Renaissance confidently invites each and every prospective client to find out what makes building with Maple Renaissance different.

R Ravi.

As Director Projects of Maple Renaissance LLP, R Ravi is a connector of client's, vision and needs. Ravi brings an enhanced knowledge of Designing, estimating, managing, building and problem solving. Ravi takes pride in leading clients through each phase of the construction process. 22 years in the field + 5 years in the office + a degree in Civil Engineering VTU = 1 knowledgeable, refined and dedicated team leader. His love for projects and relationships blends seamlessly with his ability to continuously provide quality experiences for our clients. His promise of absolute satisfaction is delivered with sincerity and a firm handshake. When he isn't at work, he will usually be found on his wheels or at his farm house, depending on the season.

Contact R Ravi directly at: or +91 9980599876

Shravan M.

Shravan is the Managing Partner & CEO of Maple Renaissance LLP, Shravan believes in creating long-lasting client relationships through delivering the highest quality project to every person who walks through our doors. For over 12 years, Shravan has offered his talents and knowledge of the industry to every client equally and professionally. He is an enthusiastic, hands-on leader and is actively involved in every aspect of the company's operations. It is Shravan commitment to quality and his attention to detail that ensure the success of our projects.

Contact Shravan directly at: or +919964862151.