Value Enginering Management

Value Management is a powerful yet simple, structured, methodology.

It matches the delivered building to owner and user needs, improving performance and quality whilst reducing costs and eliminating waste.

It focuses on defining the client's needs and priorities (for example, capital and/or life cycle costs, sustainability, speed) in simple terms, but precisely.

The whole team works together, under the guidance of an experienced Facilitator, to identify, to satisfy, and to exceed, the client's expectations.

The methodology can be applied to any business or economic sector including industry, government, construction and service and at any point in the project from brief through operation to maintenance and repair.

Some functions of Value Management:

  • • Increase Predictability.
  • • Increase Productivity.
  • • Increase Turnover.
  • • Increase Profit.
  • • Increase Output per employee.
  • • Exceed Expectations.
  • • Get it Right First Time.
  • • Reduce Capital Cost.
  • • Reduce Borrowings.
  • • Reduce Construction Time.
  • • Reduce Time to Market.
  • • Reduce Defects.
  • • Reduce Accidents.
  • • Reduce Maintenance Costs.
  • • Reduce Operational Costs.
  • • Reduce Staffing Costs.

The success of Value Management lies in an experienced Facilitator bringing together and focusing the combined intellect of the whole project team, including the client, in a non-confrontational environment.

Benefits of our approach:

It enables stakeholders to define and achieve their needs through facilitated workshops that encourage participation,teamworking and end-user buy-in.

It achieves a better understanding of the business needs, including the flexibility required to meet future needs.

It provides a simple, clear definition of specific stakeholder needs and a consideration of all options, alternatives and innovative ideas.

It achieves optimum value for money while satisfying the range of user requirements and also prevents unnecessary expenditure through reducing waste and inefficiency.

It improves teamworking with the joint ownership of solutions.