Complete Integrity

At Maple, we take pride in the integrity and diversity of our leaders. We retain industry professionals who are committed to honouring the principles of reliability, accountability and flexibility in their management of the company.

Quality At All Stages

Maple Quality Plan shall endeavour a uniform high quality level of workmanship through all stages of construction, including planning, construction and delivery. To meet this goal, the following principle shall be followed:

  • >> Ensure the highest level of quality by maintaining supervised controls & written instructions governing Quality Control procedures & practices.
  • >> Establish clearly defined responsibility and authority for compliance.
  • >> Meet contractual requirements by conformance to contract document's and applicable standards.
  • >> Complete and maintain accurate records of inspections and tests.
  • >> Identify and advise Maple and the consultant of quality related non-conformance for timely corrective action. Endeavour that corrective action is properly implemented and documented.
  • >> Maintain procedures to endeavour those quality requirements are communicated to all levels of the field organization, including all participants.

It is the intent of the plan that the function of quality control be one of cooperation. It is not the responsibility of quality control staff to "police the job" but to provide review and assistance to the operations staff (including vendors) to enable those involved to achieve a quality end product. to be proactive in approach, to anticipate problems and take corrective action before they occur.

Safety Of Every Individual

Maple renaissance is overriding commitment to the health and wellbeing of the team is embodied in our expectation that every project can and will be executed injury and incident free with zero recordable. This expectation is reinforced daily by executive management, project supervision and all field personnel through the ongoing implementation of our Environmental, Health & Safety (EH&S) program.

Because every jobsite, project and crew has its own unique character, there is no "one size fits all" approach to safety. That's why our EH&S program is modular, customizable and tailored for the specific challenges and requirements of each individual project location.